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At the end of each month, the SCI school's newsletter is published. Read about important information and news articles.

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  • Building on our success: Enhancing the work and study environment

    Sandra Di Rocco, Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Jun 10, 2024

    The KTH schools have developed their own reform agendas. SCI has a focus on education, research and faculty renewal with efficient use of resources. Head of School Sandra Di Rocco is committed to crea...

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  • Gunnar Tibert awarded the 2024 Borelius medal

    Published Jun 07, 2024

    The 2024 Borelius medal has been awarded to Gunnar Tibert for “his significant contributions to the school’s education through his forward-looking, supportive, and analytical leadership”.

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  • A night to remember: The annual SCI School Party

    Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Jun 06, 2024

    The SCI School Party is always a delightful blend of academia and amusement. This year, the event took place on the 4th June at Restaurant Proviant. With over 200 attendees, the party was the talk of ...

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  • Lüders Band rocks the School Party

    Before the show, at the SCI Schhol Party 2023 (from right): Armin, Helena, Erik, Sofia, Alina, Paloma, Magnus. Missing: Philip
    Published May 15, 2024

    Meet the band that started as a group of music-loving doctoral students and quickly evolved into an energetic rock ensemble. With a unique blend of original songs and covers, they have taken the SCI s...

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  • "There is power in collegiality"

    Malon Åkermo, Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    Malin Åkermo is vice-chair of SCI's newly formed Faculty Board. We asked her why she ran for the board and what issues she will be focusing on.

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  • Mathematicians receive research funding

    picture KTH:s main campus
    During the years 2014-2029, the idea is for KAW to allocate SEK 650 million to Swedish mathematical research.
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    Funding worth SEK 29 million from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s mathematics program will be granted 18 mathematicians for their research. One researcher at KTH will receive a grant to recruit...

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  • De får Göran Gustafssonpriset 2024

    Published Apr 08, 2024
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  • Meet Jonathan Leung, new Assistant Professor in Rail Vehicle Technology

    Published Apr 08, 2024

    From Calgary to Stockholm, Jonathan shares insights into his path towards excellence in mechanical engineering and his innovative contributions to sustainable railway maintenance at KTH.

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  • From Physics to Nanostructures - meet Alexander Grötsch

    Published Apr 08, 2024

    Alexander Grötsch has been appointed to assistant professor in solid mechanics with specialisation in bio-based nanostructured materials. He talks about his path to KTH, a journey that took him across...

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  • In memoriam Klaus Biedermann

    Published Apr 05, 2024

    Professor Emeritus Klaus Biedermann passed away on March 30th 2024, after a brief period of illness. He was a prominent figure at KTH for many years and held several important posts, including Head of...

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  • "New at work" - Erik Edstam, SCI's new Head of Hdministration

    Coffe and t-shirts are two things Erik Edstam can't get enough of. Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Feb 28, 2024

    "It is easier to start at KTH than to leave", says Erik Edstam, who, after completing his studies and working in various positions for many years, has now taken over the role of Head of Administration...

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  • They can do it! Meet the new coordinators of Q-SCI

    Portrait of two women in a lab
    Elina Charatsidou and Liviana Palmisano, the new coordinators of the Q-SCI network. Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Feb 27, 2024

    Liviana Palmisano and Elina Charatsidou are stepping into their new roles as coordinators of Q-SCI, ready to drive forward the mission of fostering a supportive community for female faculty members. T...

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  • Railwayman changes track and joins SCI management team

    man in front of brick wall
    Since 1 February 2024, Professor Sebastian Stichel is the new Deputy Head of the SCI School and soon-to-be Head of Faculty Renewal. Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Feb 12, 2024

    After many years as director of the KTH Railway Group, Professor Sebastian Stichel has decided to dedicate more time to his other passion: faculty renewal. He is the new Deputy Head of the SCI School ...

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  • Her work "quite possibly represents a breakthrough"

    Published Jan 26, 2024

    Sara Zahedi believes that collaboration, transparency, and utilizing faculty knowledge in decision-making will improve trust and effectiveness in academia. She is new Professor in Numerical Analysis a...

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  • In memoriam Bengt Lund-Jensen

    Published Jan 25, 2024

    Professor emeritus Bengt Lund-Jensen passed away on December 21st 2023, at the age of 69. Bengt was a prominent figure at KTH for many years and held several important posts, including Head of the Phy...

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  • Equality work is constantly relevant

    Tree woman wearing evening dresses an a man wearing a dress suite.
    The President's Equality and Diversity Prize was awarded in connection to the graduation ceremony in the City Hall on 19 December by Deputy President Mikael Lindström. From left: Carlota Canalias, Linda Lundström and Lisa Prahl Wittberg.
    Published Jan 15, 2024

    Why do women, compared to men, not seem to have similar opportunities to pursue an academic career and reach a permanent teaching position? This is what Canalias, Lundström and Prahl Wittberg wanted t...

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  • Meet Ozan Öktem, recently promoted to Professor of Numerical Analysis

    Published Dec 20, 2023

    Ozan Öktem, recently promoted Professor of Numerical Analysis, spoke about the challenges of an interdisciplinary background. He pointed out some of the drawbacks of the current market focus of academ...

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  • So long Sheriff

    Foto: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Dec 19, 2023

    Helene Rune has been a driving force at SCI School for many years. Now she is moving on to new adventures and shares her insights and experiences from a life's journey at KTH.

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  • Meet Yunxiang Liao, recently appointed Assistant Professor of Physics

    Published Dec 13, 2023

    Yunxiang Liao, recently appointed assistant professor, specializes in condensed matter theory and focuses on quantum physics of many-body systems. She talks about the synergy between teaching and rese...

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  • SCI researchers secure millions from the Swedish Research Council

    Published Nov 16, 2023

    The Swedish Research Council (VR) recently announced which researchers in Sweden will receive project grants in natural and engineering sciences. A total of 18 researchers from the School of Engineeri...

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