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At the end of each month, the SCI school's newsletter is published. Read about important information and news articles.

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  • “Your Friendly Nuclear Physicist” demystifies nuclear science

    Elina Charatsidou in a lab
    Elina Charatsidou, Photo: Victor Ajayi
    Published Oct 20, 2023

    What does it take to be an effective science communicator and why is it vital for researchers to participate in public outreach? Elina Charatsidou, a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Physics, beli...

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  • Anna Delin, Director of WISE Graduate School - Nurturing Sustainability in Materials Science

    Portrait of Anna Delin
    Published Oct 20, 2023

    In the dynamic landscape of materials science, sustainability has emerged as a critical issue for the 21st century. Professor Anna Delin, director of WISE Graduate School, takes on these challenges di...

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  • New management structure for increased transparency and sustainability at SCI School's departments

    The new management has started the autumn with a kickoff, Photo: Marta Marko-Tisch
    Published Sep 27, 2023

    After careful planning and months of preparations, the management structure at SCI school's departments has undergone a significant restructuring. The aim was to create a more transparent and sustaina...

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  • KTH Railway Group – developing a competitive and sustainable railway system

    Published Sep 26, 2023

    SCI is the home school of KTH Railway group, a competence center that gathers several research groups in various rail-related areas. It is a unique organization, able to carry out major research progr...

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  • Rising enthusiasm for nuclear engineering at KTH - exploring the driving factors

    group of students
    Students of the Masters Programme in Nuclear Energy Engineering, Photo: Jan Dufek
    Published Sep 26, 2023

    Interest in studying nuclear engineering at KTH has historically been strong, but in recent years there has been a surge of enthusiasm for the subject. Jan Dufek, Programme Director for the MSc in Nuc...

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  • Particle physicist elected to the board of Young Academy of Sweden

    Christian Ohm, Photo: Erik Thor
    Published Sep 25, 2023

    Christian Ohm, docent in particle physics, has been elected to the board of the Young Academy of Sweden (SUA). The academy's board consists of five members chosen for one-year terms. SUA is dedicated ...

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  • Silun Zhang - newly appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics

    Silun Zhang, Photo: private
    Published Sep 21, 2023

    Silun Zhang, a recently appointed assistant professor specializing in the mathematical foundations of artificial intelligence, shares insights about his academic journey, interests, and future aspirat...

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  • ACTIVA develops new optical technologies for a good vision throughout life

    Published Aug 31, 2023

    The School of Engineering Sciences at KTH will be the home of ACTIVA, a newly launched Doctoral Network, with the goal to provide an international, interdisciplinary platform to train young scientists...

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  • New divisional structure at the Department of Mathematics

    Published Aug 30, 2023

    The Head of School has previously decided to change the management structure of the departments at the SCI school. As part of this initiative, each Head och Department has been asked to develop a new ...

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  • Six SCI-projects that make a difference

    Published Aug 30, 2023

    SCI is kicking-off six projects this autumn, covering a wide range of topics that are aligned with many of the thirteen principles of the Future Education programme. The school is committed to evolve ...

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  • New appointment of Head of School for the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI) 2024 – 2027

    Published Aug 29, 2023

    Sandra Di Rocco will continue as Head of School for another four-year period. The decision was made by KTH's President after preparation from the permanent nomination group for the appointment of Head...

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  • Does the security situation affect KTH?

    Security camera
    Photo: Mourya Pranay on Unsplash
    Published Aug 22, 2023

    Recently, the Swedish Security Service raised the terrorism threat level in Sweden. The increase is a signal to all relevant societal actors that it's important to continue working to reduce the risk ...

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  • ERC funding news

    Published Jul 14, 2023

    Latest news and calls from the European Research Council (ERC) and how to get support from KTH Research Support Office (RSO).

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  • Romain Rumple gets ‘Supervisor of the Year’ Award

     Left to right: Fredrik Lundell, head of Engineering Mechanics, Mohammad Abuasbeh, chairperson of TH
    Left to right: Fredrik Lundell, head of Engineering Mechanics, Mohammad Abuasbeh, chairperson of THS PhD chapter, Romain Rumpler, winner of the award, Susanne Boij, head of the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory (MWL), Sahba Zojaji, chairperson of the Supervisor of the year award jury
    Published Jun 21, 2023

    This year’s ‘Supervisor of the Year’ award goes to Romain Rumpler, associate professor at SCI. This is the third year the Ph.D. Chapter at THS has awarded the prize. Congratulations!

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  • SCI competence centers - hubs of research and cooperation

    Illustration: Jens Magnusson
    Published Jun 16, 2023

    The SCI School hosts ten competence centers that all play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and bridging the gap between academia and industry. To highlight their work, we...

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  • Process all your invoices before the summer holiday

    Published Jun 15, 2023

    Information from SCI's finance unit regarding invoices.

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  • SCI-skolans nyinstallerade professorer hyllades med filmer

    Published Jun 14, 2023

    I mars 2023 installerades KTH:s nya professorer som tillträtt sin anställning under 2022. SCI-skolan fick fyra nya professorer installerade under högtiden. De hyllades var och en med en film om sitt a...

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  • Future education projects at SCI

    Illustration of students connected to a machine by wires. The machine looks like a mill.
    The teachers at the SCI school have always been creative in finding new educational methods. This is one of many examples :-)
    Published May 01, 2023

    During the Spring we have discussed, with department directors of studies and programme directors, ideas for development projects that can start in 2023 as part of the Future Education development pro...

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  • CERN project 2022

    Visitors at CERN in fornt om blue pipe labeled "Accelerating Science".
    Published Apr 24, 2023

    The Physics Chapter has recently been on a study visit to CERN in Geneva. We interviewed Erik Åkerberg and Christian Ohm regarding the visit, the work at CERN and much more.

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  • Interview with Elias Zea

    Elias Zea, assistant professor at KTH Engineering Mechanics, in front of a lake
    Elias Zea
    Published Feb 28, 2023

    We interviewed Elias regarding his recent appointment as an assistant professor in engineering acoustics. Elias talked to us about his career, educational background, future plans and more.

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