School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

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Anna Delin has been appointed tf. Head of School

The President has appointed Anna Delin to tf. Head of SCI School. Also 1st and 2nd Vice Head of School have been appointed.

News about the reorganisation of the SCI departments

The reorganisation process of departments of Aeronautical & Vehicle Engineering, Solid Mechanics and Mechanics during Autumn 2019.

The election to the Faculty Council decided

The Rector has now determined the election result for the Faculty Council. Anders Forsgren, Department of Mathematics, will represent the SCI school.

New Acting Head and Deputy Head of Mechanics department

As Lanie Gutierrez Farewik completes her assignment as Head of Mechanics department 2019-03-31 to become Acting 1st Deputy Head of School, a acting Head and deputy Head of department has been appointed.

SCI school's recycling procedures

Do you want to find out what recycling routines and places there are for recycling at your workplace?

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