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School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

Internal pages for employees at SCI School. Please note the difference between the local SCI web navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.

Latest news 

Scholarship announcements

Here you will find information about current announcements as well as exact announcement times. At the moment, among other things, scholarship from the Karl Engvers.

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School Information 

Christina Boman, Head of security and security protection at KTH

Does the security situation affect KTH?

Recently, the Swedish Security Service raised the terrorism threat level in Sweden. The increase is a signal to all relevant societal actors that it's important to continue working to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack occurring.

KTH will change bank for salary payments

In October 2023, KTH will change bank for salary payments, from Nordea to Danske Bank. This means that all associates who receive salary/compensation from KTH, need to register to which account the salary/compensation is to be paid, by 1 October.


At the end of each month, the SCI school's newsletter is published. Read about important information and news articles.

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Safety and crisis management - important phone numbers

112 (SOS Alarm)

to reach ambulance, police, emergency services / fire brigade, poison information, on-call doctor.

KTH's Emergency number

08-790 77 00

for urgent events such as serious accidents, threats and fire occuring at KTH premises or affecting KTH.

KTH Security group

More about safety and crisis management


Regarding the war in Ukraine

KTH’s actions are primarily aimed at supporting students and researchers from Ukraine and to assist other authorities when requested.

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