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Development of the University Administration

The overall aim of the University Administration is to provide a high-quality support service while freeing up time for education and research.

As of 1 January 2023, KTH´s University Administration comprises one organisation. The overall goal is that the joint support service contributes to strengthening KTH's competitiveness.  

Do you have any questions?

Find answers to frequent questions about the coordinated operational support.

How the effort is carried out

The development of support services is organised into seven areas.

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How can you be involved?

KTH's development work must take place in collaboration between employees. By using the employees' knowledge and competence, the employees become involved in KTH's core operations.

News about the joint support services

KTH Campus in snow.
KTH's University Administration is taking new steps in the development of a coordinated UA.

Co-organization next step in development of UA

The next step in the development of KTH's University Administration, UA, is that staff in HR, finance and communication will be co-organized within each area from the first of April next year. This is...

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Two women and a man stand leaning over a glass case. In the stand there is a model of the KTH Campus
The project group consisting of Marie Larsson, Hans Wohlfarth and Charlotta Andersson Lund works to ensure that the support within the infrastructure is more coordinated and becomes more equivalent between the schools and between the different campuses. Photo: Magnus Glans.

“It’s about ensuring a functioning workday for everyone”

KTH’s service functions are now being mapped, and lab safety is under review. The project group working on infrastructure in the merger project also discerns a need to define a number of roles and are...

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Helene Rune and Katarina Jonsson Berglund are leading the development work, which is characterised by a genuine commitment from many Employees at KTH. Photo: Theresia Köhlin.

From plan to action

Education support has four priority sub-areas in the action plan for the merger project. These areas have been firmly anchored, and it is time for the actual development work to begin.

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