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Staff collaboration

KTH’s development work shall be carried out in collaboration between its employees. By putting employees’ knowledge and expertise to good use, the employees become involved in KTH’s operations. Collaboration implies that information is made available and that dialogue and discussions are initiated at the earliest possible opportunity prior to all decisions, so that there are real opportunities to influence them.

Collaboration takes place at different levels, ranging from the central level (via central collaboration groups) and the group level (via workplace meetings) to the individual level (via performance reviews). The Collaboration Agreement replaces certain parts of MBL.

Collaboration for development at KTH

Here you will find information about the different levels of KTH’s collaboration organisation:

When the time comes to conduct performance appraisals and workplace meetings, employees/managers/leaders at KTH can find templates for what these conversations should contain here.

Performance appraisals (performance reviews)

Workplace meetings (arbetsplatsträffar, APTs)