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Central Collaboration Group

At the central level, collaboration takes place in the Central Collaboration Group (Centrala samverkansgruppen, CSG).

Collaboration at the central level

The Central Collaboration Group (Centrala samverkansgruppen, CSG) has a comprehensive and coordinating function for all staff collaboration. Prior to decisions by the President and prior to decisions taken by the Faculty Board or equivalent collegial body.

KTH’s collaboration agreement


Minutes from CSG (in Swedish)

Submission of cases to the Central Collaboration Group


Employer representatives

Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, Chairperson

Annica Fröberg, Head of Human Resources

Petra Rosenquist, HR Specialist, Secr. CSG

Employee representatives

Charlotte Hurdelbrink, SACO-S

Reine Bergström, SACO-S

Susanna Elfving Blomster, ST

Erik Edstam, ST

Per-Ove Öster, SEKO

Nelli Jokinen, SEKO

Eva Petterson, Safety Officer

Preparatory committees for subject areas

The Central Collaboration Group has appointed joint preparatory committees for different subject areas:

  • Human Resources Planning Committee (Personalplaneringskommitté, PPK)
  • Committee for Equality, Diversity, and Equal Treatment Issues (Jämställdhets- och mångfaldskommitté, JMK)
  • Work Environment Committee
  • Editorial Committee

Aside from the Human Resources Planning Committee, these preparatory committees participate in thematic meetings according to the meeting schedule.

According to Chapter 6, §§ 8 and 9 of the Swedish Work Environment Act, the Central Collaboration Group’s meetings focusing on work environment issues fulfil the function of a Safety Committee.

Minutes, Safety Committee (in Swedish)