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Submission of cases to the Central Collaboration Group

According to Collaboration for Development at KTH, collaboration takes place on several levels. In the event of disagreement within the School Collaboration Group (skolsamverkansgrupp, SSG), the matter is transferred by the employer to the Central Collaboration Group (centrala samverkansgruppen, CSG) (for operational issues) and to the Human Resources Planning Committee (Personalplaneringskommittén, PPK) (for personnel issues).

 Procedures for submitting cases to CSG from SSG

  1. In the event of disagreement in SSG, the case is transferred to CSG by the employer. Adjusted extracts from the minutes and all annexes concerning the case (from the employer and employee organisations) shall also be included in the dossier. The documents are sent to CSG Secretary Petra Rosenquist,
  2. CSG will address the matter at its next meeting. Representatives from SSG’s employer and employee organisation representatives may be co-opted into the meeting.
  3. CSG will provide feedback to SSG within one week of the CSG meeting.
  4. Any follow-up/feedback to CSG is provided in writing from SSG.
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Last changed: Nov 04, 2020