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Case management in School Collaboration Groups (skolsamverkansgrupp, SSG och SSG VS)

SSG meetings are normally held once a month during the semester.

Local Collaboration Groups (Lokala samverkansgrupper, LSG)

Annex 1 to Collaboration for development at KTH .

In LSG (lokal samverkansgrupp, Local Collaboration Groups) the case management process described below is followed, as appropriate.

Issues relating to the school’s activities and their development, the working environment (in the broad sense), and gender equality, diversity and equal treatment issues shall be addressed.

In the case of personnel matters, issues relating to staffing, recruitment, new employment, terminated employment and the possible risk of redundancy shall be addressed in collaboration.

Risk assessments for operational changes should be included in all case management. Where applicable, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s publication ADI 575 may be used. 

Proposed agenda

  1. The meeting is opened
  2. Selection of adjusters
  3. Setting the agenda
    Documentation: Notice
  4. Previous minutes
    Documentation: previous minutes
  5. Strategic development issues
    Documentation: Activity plans, development plans
  6. Work environment/equality, diversity, and equal treatment issues
    Documentation: Occupational injuries and incident reports, Work Environment Plan and follow-up, JML plans and follow-up, Work Environment Initiatives or “work environment-related problems”, documentation prior to and after safety inspections.
  7. Personnel matters
    Documentation: Recruitment permits, requirement profiles, workforce planning, employment contracts
  8. Finance
    Budget, performance follow-up
  9. Other issues