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Local workplace or team meetings (APT)

Local workplace or team meetings, so called APTs (arbetsplatsträffar) should be held regularly and the contents of these meetings are regulated in contracts.

This policy, together with its guidelines, has been based on:

  • the Swedish working environment act (1977:11609);
  • the local KTH agreement between mangement and staff about the working environment;
  • the folder "Collaboration for development", wihich was published by the Swedish Agency for Government Employers;
  • the local KTH agreement between management and staff about staff collaboration, and a formal decition made by the KTH President (no. 33).


Every KTH staff member has the right to obtain continuous information from his or her nearest superior regarding matters of current interest. This is to include issues of common interest to all KTH staff as well as issues of specific interest to one local place of work, or one working team.

Information of good quality is the very core of staff influence. Without this, staff members could not agree with KTH´s goals, nor could they get a feeling of participation in the KTH line of action.

Such information is to be given at workplace/working team meetings, that is, regular meetings between a superior and his/her unit or project group. These meetings are also to be the forum for making up concrete work plans as well as discussing joint work efforts.


The superior is to announce workplace meetings regularly, at least once a month. The days of these meetings should be set for a longer period of time, such as one semester. On the agenda the following matters may be included:

Information of current interest from the superior:

  • matters of general KTH interest
  • matters pertaining to the local unit or department only
  • matters pertaining to the specific workplace only: activities, premises, staff changes, other changes

Information of current interest from the staff:

  • current activities or projects
  • participation in education schemes, conferences or seminars

Planning of joint efforts

At smaller workplaces these meetings are also to be the formal forum of staff collaboration group.

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