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Digital meetings using Zoom

About digital meetings with the zoom service

Meeting or holding a seminar over the web can be practical and also have educational benefits. The service is recommended if you want to conduct a webinar or web meeting for an educational purpose and as part of your course structure.


Zoom is a video conferencing service for you as an employee and for students who are registered at KTH.

You can connect to a Zoom meeting from:

Zoom can be used for teaching and meeting with multiple participants (max 300 participants), as well as seminars and tutorials.

If there is a need to set up a Zoom meeting for more than 300 participants (maximum 500), contact .

Detailed information and guides to Zoom .

Zoom in Canvas 

The recommendation is to link to Zoom from Canvas "modules". Read more about how to use Zoom in Canvas .

Good to think about before a web meeting

There is a need for preparation and also some equipment for a webinar but it is often easy to get started. Here are some recommendations and tips for webinars . Zoom is recommended for teaching/lectures/meetings with students. If you want a different type of meeting (working meeting, research networking, etc.) there are a number of other solutions. How many participants will there be? What will happen during the meeting? Will you need to share documents and presentations?

How to choose a video conferencing solution that fit your needs .

Alena Ipanova show us how she uses Zoom in her courses

Alena Ipanova is a teacher at KTH on the Certificate of Global Competence programme and does most of her teaching from another country, using our KTH digital tools like Zoom for collaboration, KTH Play for films and Canvas for course design.