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Useful functions in Zoom

Here you can find information about useful functions in Zoom.

What you can do

  • Share screen, for presentations, video clips etc
  • Chat
  • Record meeting
  • Polls
  • "Breakout rooms" for discussions outside the main web meeting

KTH Zoom account

The advantage of using KTH's Zoom instance is:

  • KTH address book with employees and Zoom rooms
  • Outlook calendar plugin for easier meeting bookings
  • Access to more meeting tools

Number of attendees per zoom meeting

Starting from 3rd of April 2020 all new accounts that creates at kth zoom will have maximum 300 attendees per zoom meeting. If you have a need of holding a meeting for up to 500 attendees, please contact KTH-IT-Support by sending an e-mail to “it-support” or call 08 790 6600

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Last changed: Jun 09, 2021