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Add a Zoom add-in through KTH-webmail

To be able to book Zoom meeting directly from your Outlook, you need to install Zoom addin

Start by logging in to 

  1. After you are loged in, right click on the “Settings” button and chose “Manage add-ins”
    the image show how to access setting in webmail
  2. Click on “ Turned on” to activate zoom add-in
    image show how to activate zoom addin
  3. Now start Outlook and go to calendar, press “Add a Zoom meeting” Button
    how to connect zoom to Outlook
  4. Log in with your username and password
    image show to log in to
  5. Now you are ready to create Zoom meeting from Outlook. 
  6. You can also change the setting for your Zoom meeting by going to the setting.
    image show how to change the setting in Zoom
  7. When you are done with the settings you want, press “Update” to save your settings.