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Polling for Zoom meetings

A meeting host can choose between two poll functions in Zoom to increase interactivity in a Zoom meeting: polls and advanced polls.

Regardless of which of them you want to use, you need to log in to KTH's website for Zoom ( ). The first steps for creating polls and advanced polls are common and are shown initially, both under the pages Create Polls in Zoom  and How to create an advanced poll . However, it is recommended that you read about the differences between polls and advanced polls in Zoom in the table below before proceeding further.

Polls before or during the meeting

It is fine to create polls both before and during the meeting. Polls in Zoom are created via Zoom's website. For reasons of efficiency, it is recommended that you create a poll in advance, before the meeting begins.

Comparison between Polls and Advanced Polls

The following comparison shows differences between polls and advanced polls in Zoom.

Tool/Feature Polls Advanced Polls
Single choice questions Yes Yes
Multiple choice questions Yes Yes
Questions with matching answers No Yes
Rank Order No Yes
Questions with short answers No Yes
Questions with long answers No Yes

Read more about how to create polls .

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