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Breakout room

In Zoom there is a function called "breakout rooms" This function allows the meeting owner to divide participants into smaller groups so that participants can discuss separately in different rooms without disturbing others.

To create these rooms you can do it in different ways:

  1. The easiest way is to do it in the Zoom when the meeting has started.
  2. You can also add users manually when creating the meeting in advanced from " " by clicking on "Schedule a meeting" and "pre-assign breakout rooms"
  3. You can also create a csv file, and upload the file when you create the meeting by clicking on "pre-assign breakout rooms" and then upload the csv file.
  4. Dont forget to download the file from Kth-Box to your computer before using it.
    1. CSV-file sample

More information on the subject you will find it on Zoom page (external website) Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms   , All you need to know about breakout rooms  and Managing Breakout Rooms

If you are a teacher please find more information here, Breakout rooms

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Last changed: Apr 22, 2021