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Webinar in Zoom

KTH IT Support offers a Zoom webinar license so that organizers can keep webinar meetings in Zoom.
It is appropriate in cases where regular zoom meetings are not enough, for example, where participants do not need to be involved in the discussion and do not need to be seen and heard.

For online courses use regular zoom meeting

This doesnt apply for dissertations and licentiate. For that go to Zoom Webinar for defense at KTH .

Some of the difference between regular meetings and webinar meetings in zoom is that

  • Webinar has a feature where participants can ask questions in Q&A format
  • Only Host, co-host and Panelist that can be seen with image and sound.
  • In webinar there is no possibility of breakout room it is only available in regular zoom meetings.

If you want to use the Zoom webinar, the organizer of the meeting needs to contact via an e-mail / case. Please note that the License Cost is weekly

Webinar 1000 is provided by KTH-IT

Here is a workflow and instructions on how to proceed.

  1. The organizer ask for webinar license by contacting
  2. In the e-mail, the organizer shall provide the following information:
    • In the subject line enter: Date of the meeting and name for the conference
    • In the message enter:
      • Customer: (Name, kth e-post address and phone number)
      • Name, e-mail address and telephone number of the organizer (or other contact person , ie the person who will have continued contact with KTH IT-Support in this matter)
  3. KTH IT-Support will register a Zoom webinar license and give feedback to the organizer
  4. If any of the organizers or audience should attend from a room at KTH, a suitable room with video equipment must be booked through KTH's local booking. A list of suitable premises can be found here: Book a room with videoconference

KTH IT-Support helps with instructions, tips and advice, with the start of the Zoom webinar meeting itself, as well as with support in the physical room if wanted.

If a support is needed during the actual webinar meeting, contact KTH IT Support immediately on 08-790 6600. KTH IT-Support handles these types of cases with the highest priority.

To set up a Zoom webinar meeting for a public defense :