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Start zoom meeting from a meeting room with Cisco video system.

This only applies if the meeting is created using kth-zoom or by kth user*

  1. Have the meeting Id and other information you need near you
  2. Press the call button and dial the meeting Id on the system
  3. If there is a pass code, type in that and finish by pressing #
    1. If the host has turned on “Waiting room”, the system will join once it has been allowed to join by the host
  4. If you are the host and not have “Join before host” on and want to use the Cisco video system in the meeting room, you need to put in the “Host key”
    1. You can find your host key by log in to Https:// Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the host key.

*. If the meeting hosted by external company, you should follow the guide from them.