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  • Co-operation key in the development of UA

    People in a library
    THe University Administration is being developed to optimally support research and education
    Published Mar 22, 2024

    How should the University Administration best support research and education? How should UA and the faculty work together in the best possible way? These are some of the questions that are ventilated...

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  • New phase in the development of UA

    Portrait of Johanna Stellan.
    Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration at ABE, is the project manager for the work as the development of UA enters a new, more concrete phase.
    Published Jan 31, 2024

    On 26 January, KTH's University Director made a decision on how the development of the University Administration will be implemented more precisely through a supplementary programme directive showing ...

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  • Co-organization next step in development of UA

    KTH Campus in snow.
    KTH's University Administration is taking new steps in the development of a coordinated UA.
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    The next step in the development of KTH's University Administration, UA, is that staff in HR, finance and communication will be co-organized within each area from the first of April next year. This is...

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  • “It’s about ensuring a functioning workday for everyone”

    Two women and a man stand leaning over a glass case. In the stand there is a model of the KTH Campus
    The project group consisting of Marie Larsson, Hans Wohlfarth and Charlotta Andersson Lund works to ensure that the support within the infrastructure is more coordinated and becomes more equivalent between the schools and between the different campuses. Photo: Magnus Glans.
    Published Jun 26, 2023

    KTH’s service functions are now being mapped, and lab safety is under review. The project group working on infrastructure in the merger project also discerns a need to define a number of roles and are...

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  • From plan to action

    Two women standing in a room in front of a big window.
    Helene Rune and Katarina Jonsson Berglund are leading the development work, which is characterised by a genuine commitment from many Employees at KTH. Photo: Theresia Köhlin.
    Published May 11, 2023

    Education support has four priority sub-areas in the action plan for the merger project. These areas have been firmly anchored, and it is time for the actual development work to begin.

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  • Next stage in development of support services

    Portrait Kerstin Jacobsson
    University Director Kerstin Jacobsson has decided on an action plan for the continued development of KTH's support servicet. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Apr 11, 2023

    Following mapping and analysis, the development of joint, coordinated support services (VS) is now entering the next stage with an action plan. “This will make the process more concrete and operation...

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  • “We need to interlink central and local support”

    A man and a woman standig in a research lab. Behind them there are bottles on a table.
    Joakim Palestro, Åsa Ancarkrona and the communication staff at KTH gathered for a workshop at SciLifeLab to make progress on harmonising communication, support and also gain a little insight into the research being conducted there. Photo: Theresia Köhlin.
    Published Feb 24, 2023

    Efforts toward a joint support service organisation at KTH continue. The focus for the communication support area is now the prepared action plan, which indicates priority areas within the communicati...

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  • ‘We want research support to reach out wider’

    Three women standing on a staircase
    For Lisa, Maria and Maria the road to a joint support services function is about finding common ground and having clearer communication for example. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
    Published Dec 20, 2022

    As part of the joint support services’ ongoing development work, mapping and analysis is being carried out in several support areas, including those in scientific research. “We hope this work will ...

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  • ‘Everyone at KTH will get the HR support they need’

    Woman in white blouse and glasses next to a short-haired woman in black.
    Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel at KTH and Johanna Stellan, Administrative Head at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment are working on this HR initiative together. Photo: Theresia Köhlin
    Published Oct 24, 2022

    The journey towards shared support services is in full swing. This spring, due diligence was carried out in seven area groups, and now more detailed work is taking place within each respective group. ...

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  • “We can see great potential for development on the finance side”

    Susanne Odung and Christina Carlsson, with views from the roof terrace at Brinellvägen 8, KTH Campus
    The analysis of the current situation in financial support services was led by FO Head of Department Susanne Odung and Christina Carlsson, Head of the Administration at the ITM School. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg.
    Published Jun 23, 2022

    As part of the ongoing development of support services, various administrative areas are currently under review. First off, in our series of articles is the Finance Office (FO), where the process will...

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  • Next stage in the development of support services

    Portrait of Kerstin Jacobsson.
    Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, leading the development work towards joint and coordinated Support services.
    Published Jun 15, 2022

    The development of KTH’s support services is now entering its next phase. This means for example that support services at KTH’s five schools will be merging with the 12 departments that currently come...

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  • Next step towards coordinated support services

    Portait of Kerstin Jacobsson.
    University Director Kerstin Jacobsson is in charge of the work towards a new organisation.
    Published Mar 30, 2022

    Following the President’s Decision last week that we should have coordinated and common support services, work is now in full flow to take stock of what our support services look like today.

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  • New organisation for KTH support services

    Five different university bulidings.
    The University Administration and the support services at the schools at KTH merge.
    Published Mar 23, 2022

    Eqvivalent, efficient and accessible support services. That is the aim when University Administration and support services at our schools are merged. The new organisation should be in place from 1 Ja...

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