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The organization of the program

A program is a way of conducting development work that brings together several projects and activities with the same goal. The aim is to find synergies and support the work with standard templates and models.

Programme Secretariat

The program secretariat is a virtual organization staffed by the management office, the education administration department, the personnel department and the communications department. Consultancy support is also linked to the secretariat.

Contact the Programme Secretariat

University Director's Management Group

Contributes with decision-making materials, ensures cross-organizational working methods, works to ensure that the program's principles permeate the development and decides on the department's resources for the joint work.

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director (leads the group)
  • Åsa Ankarcrona, Head of Communications Department (COM)
  • Charlotta Andersson Lund, Head of Property Department (PD)
  • Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration ITM (VS ITM)
  • Lisa Ericsson, Head of Innovation Department (INV)
  • Sandra Falck, Head of Department SciLifeLab
  • Annica Fröberg, Head of Human Resources Department (HR)
  • Maria Gustafson, Head of Department Research Support Office (RSO)
  • Maria Haglund, Head of Department Library (KTHB)
  • Britt-Louise Henriksson, Head of Administration VS
  • Katarina Jonsson Berglund, Head of Department Educational Support (EDO)
  • Marie Larsson, Head of Administration CBH (VS CBH)
  • Susanne Odung, Head of Finance Department (FO)
  • Fredrik Oldsjö, Head of University Management Office (MO)
  • Joakim Palestro, Head of Administration EECS (VS EECS)
  • Helene Rune, Head of Administration SCI (VS SCI)
  • Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration ABE (VS ABE)
  • Hans Wohlfarth, Head of IT Department (IT)

Head of Department Advisory Board

The Head of Department Advisory Board’s main tasks are identifying prioritized support needs in education and research and supporting implementation in the organization.

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director (chair)

  • Maria Håkansson, Head of Department ABE

  • Annika Gram, Head of Department ABE

  • Istvan Furo, Head of Department CBH

  • Cecilia Williams, Head of Department CBH

  • Hans Edin, Head of Department EECS

  • Mikael Skoglund, Head of Department EECS

  • Martin Edin Grimheden, Head of Department ITM

  • Björn Laumert, Head of Department ITM

  • Mats Boij, Head of Department SCI

  • Pär Olsson, Head of Department SCI