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Work remotely

Recommendations for working remotely (due to covid-19 situation)

Because of the current situation with Corona virus, there are tools to make your work at home possible.

The tools and services we provide for working at home are listed below.

Please keep in mind that all resources have their limitations. Please check for the latest operational status if some of the remote access services and tools are not working properly: Operational status for employees

KTH File server via your web browser

Accessing folders from KTH file server via a web browser

You can retrieve folders and documents that have been saved in the home directory (H :), the project directory (P :) and common directories (G :) using


To access some of the resources at KTH while on external networks, you can use VPN.

Read more about VPN


KTH offers chat through Zoom, Teams, Jabber / Pidgin and Skype for Business

Read more about chat

Remote Desktop to UNIX

Read more about remote desktop to UNIX

Remote Desktop to Windows

Read more about remote desktop to Windows


Employees at KTH have access to room based videoconferencing as well as web meeting solutions (Zoom, Pexip, Skype for Business)

Read more about videoconferencing

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