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Troubleshoot problem when teleworking

On this page you will find collected information to help troubleshoot any IT-related problems that you may encounter when you are teleworking.

The services run by KTH are mainly stable and if there is an operational malfunction, it is published on Operational status for employees  or as a planned event as in Scheduled Service Maintenance

We can not guarantee that the performance of the network you use for teleworking is as stable as when you work on site at KTH and therefore you might sometimes experience degraded performance on KTH's services even if they are problem-free.

Troubleshooting and problem solving of KTH's digital services

Controll of your network

If you experience problems accessing KTH's services when working outside of KTH, there are some general things you can try to rule out that to check that there are no problems on the network you use locally.

  • You can test if your internet connection works properly by browsing to a new website. Remember to clear your browser's saved data before you try, or you can use a browser you have not used before, so that you do not risk accessing an already locally stored page in the browser of the page you are browsing to, to test your connection.
  • You can test the speed of your broadband via any optional internet service or check its operational status at your internet provider. If you do not access the internet at all with your computer, check that all cables are connected on your home equipment, and call your internet provider if necessary so that they can help you with troubleshooting. Among other things, you may have accessed this page now because it was saved in your browser cache memory.
  • You can check if your computer can reach KTH by using the command prompt in Windows. You can reach it by pressing the start flag and typing cmd and then open the app. In the command prompt window, type ping followed by the return key. If you receive a message that reads "Request timed out", you will most likely have problems with your internet connection and should contact your internet provider.

KTH VPN service

You should only use VPN to access the services that you otherwise can only use if you are connected on site at KTH. If you have a VPN connection running when you use services that do not require it, there is a risk that these may be perceived as having degraded performance. For instance, the service applications Zoom, Canvas, KTH Box, Outlook, Edge Service Management System, and more do not need to use a VPN connection to function.

Services that needs VPN:

  • To access your home directory or shared file directories in KTH Windows (P: G: H:)
  • To access certain administrative systems
  • To renew the license of KTH Windows and Microsoft Office (let your KTH Windows computer be connected at least once a month for license renewal)

To know what type of KTH's different VPN services you should use and get guidance, you can read about VPN at KTH .

Please note! On occasion, one may have problems connecting through KTH Windows VPN service, if so one can try switching between IKEv2 or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP). How to do the switch and create a new connection to KTH Windows VPN service, information is on the page Connect to VPN in Windows 10 .

Zoom video conferencing service

Do you experience that Zoom is lagging or has poor video/sound quality? First check so that there are no service disruptions on Zoom through Sunet  (most common at KTH) or Zoom through USA .
If no disturbances on the Zoom service have been reported, then check that your own internet works properly without disturbances.

PLEASE NOTE!! Do not use VPN while you use Zoom if it’s not necessary and check before you start Zoom that you haven’t forgot to disconnect from VPN since it might adversely affect performance.

In addition to this if you perceive poor quality in Zoom, you can turn off any virtual backgrounds or effects on your video image, or turn off the image completely and only use the audio function.

I still experience problems with one of KTH's services, what should I do?

If you experience problems with any of the services at KTH and there is nothing described about this as current operational information, you must always submit a error report to KTH IT Support. It is important so that we can continuously improve on the services we deliver. Contact KTH IT Support .

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Last changed: Apr 15, 2021