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Remote access to Windows

If you work remotely outside KTH you can till access your Windows resources. You can either access your KTH Windows desktop using KTH-Desktop service (via Citrix) or your Windows desktop computer remotely by Remote Desktop Connection.

KTH-Desktop (simple virtual desktop)

If you have access to the service KTH Windows, with a Windows account, you also have access to the service KTH-Desktop.

KTH-Desktop is a simple virtual desktop that you can use to work with your Office documents that you have in eg. your home directory H:, P: or G :. There is also an Outlook client you can use instead of . You can also use KTH-Desktop to access internal web pages that are not accessible from outside KTH.

Applications installed on KTH-Desktop are Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Chrome.

You should not use KTH-Desktop for eg. Zoom meeting. This will not work optimally as both sound and image will not function properly.

You should always save your work in H:, P: or G : directory. Please be aware that everything you save locally on KTH-desktop will be lost as the Citrix servers cleans up from time to time.

Connect to KTH-Desktop (via Citrix) from a Windows PC

Connect to KTH-Desktop (via Citrix) from a macOS computer

KTH Windows

If you need to access your own Windows desktop computer you can do it from another Windows computer or Mac using Remote Desktop Connection.

The service is free, but has to be ordered via

Remote Desktop to KTH Windows

KTH Windows from macOS