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Work remotely

If you work remotely at KTH, you can still access most of your KTH resources. On this page you will find the necessary information for working remotely.

Many of KTH's services do not require you to use the network at KTH. These services can be used if you log in to Examples of some of these services are Self-reporting HR +, Service Management Edge and more. You will find these services in your personal menu .

If you have a KTH laptop our recommendations is that you bring it home to work on and by all means don't forgett to also bring home the charger for it.

NOTE!! Please keep in mind that all resources have their limitations.

Please check for the latest operational status if some of the remote access services and tools are not working properly: Operational status for employees

Instructions on how to use VPN

In case you do not have access to your service because it requires you to be on the KTH network, you must use VPN to create a virtual connection to the network.

General information about VPN at KTH

Read more about VPN at KTH

VPN on KTH Windows computer

Read more about VPN on KTH Windows

VPN on a KTH Mac computer

Read more about KTH VPN for macOS

VPN on private Windows 10 computer

You can also add KTH Windows VPN to your home Windows 10 computer, which requires that you have the KTH Windows service on your work computer. Do keep in mind that you will not be able to access software installed on your work computer.

Read more about KTH Windows VPN in Windows 10

KTH VPN service

Is available to all employees and students.

Read more about KTH VPN-service

Remote access

There are a couple of different options to work remotely via remote access.


You connect through a Citrix client where you log in to your remote desktop (your personal desktop you have on your KTH Windows computer), you can work with shared folders and standard applications such as Microsoft Office and more.

Remote Desktop Connection

This option is good if you need to remotely control an application that you have on your work computer that is stationed at KTH.

Instructions for remote access

Read more about Remote access to Windows

Read more about Remote access to Unix

Distance meetings (video conference)

If you want to communicate with your colleagues via video call or hold a distance meeting, we recommend the application Zoom.

Instructions for Zoom

Read more about how to join a meeting in Zoom

NOTE! After May 30, 2020, Zoom will not work unless you have version 5.0 or later installed. Therefore, make sure that you have the latest version on this page with technical information about Zoom.

Generally about KTH Video Conference

Information about video conference solutions offered at KTH

Read more about Videoconferencing at KTH

Digital chat opportunities

There are several different options availible, you can read more about them on the following page Read more about Chat at KTH


KTH Box is a cloud storage service that enables synchronization and sharing of files with others both on and outside of KTH. KTH are in the process of replacing KTH Box with OneDrive.

KTH File server through web browser

You can retrieve folders and documents that have been saved in the home directory (H:), the project directory (P:) and common directories (G:) using

Read more about accessing folders from KTH file server via a web browser

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