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Work remotely

If you work remotely at KTH, you can still access most of your KTH resources. On this page you will find the necessary information for working remotely.

Many of KTH's services do not require you to use the network at KTH. These services can be used if you log in to Examples of some of these services are Self-reporting HR +, Service Management Edge and more. You will find these services in your Personal menu - Manage services .

It is important to remember that all resources have their limitations and can suffer from operational disruptions.

Please check for the latest operational status if some of the remote access services and tools are not working properly: Operational status for employees .

VPN to reach certain KTH services

Some services require you to be connected to KTH's network in order to function. If you work remotely, you can achieve this by connecting with a virtual connection to the network (VPN).

Read more about VPN at KTH .

Remote access

There are a couple of different possibilities to work remotely via remote access to reach certain "local" resources on a computer located at KTH.


You connect through a Citrix client where you log in to your remote desktop (your personal desktop you have on your KTH Windows computer), you can work with shared folders and standard applications such as Microsoft Office and more.

Remote Desktop Connection

This option is good if you need to remotely control an application that you have on your work computer that is stationed at KTH.

More about

Digital meetings and lectures

Both employees and students can use Zoom for digital meetings.

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Software for Chatting

There are a number of different chat options at KTH.

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KTH OneDrive - cloud storage

KTH OneDrive is a cloud storage service for synchronizing and sharing files with people at and outside KTH.

Read more about KTH OneDrive .

KTH File server through web browser

You can retrieve folders and documents that have been saved in the home directory (H:), the project directory (P:) and common directories (G:) using

KTH file server via the web .

Planning tools for employees

Read more about Planning tools for employees .

Troubleshoot problem when teleworking

Aggregated information to help troubleshoot any IT-related issues you may encounter while teleworking.

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Sustainable use of IT equipment

Regardless of whether you work onsite or remotely, there are some things you can do to increase the lifespan and sustainability of your use of IT equipment.

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