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This page contains information about VPN at KTH, to connect to KTH's local network from external networks.

Important information

Using a VPN increases security by encrypting all data traffic between your devices. It also increases protection against cyberattacks, which is why it is especially important to use a VPN if you are connected to a public network.

You should not use VPN service if your computer already is on KTH network. Some of KTH’s services do not require you to have your computer on KTH network. You can access those services in your personal menu if you log on to Examples of some of these services are Self-reporting HR +, Service Management Tool – Edge and more.

It is significant that you, who work outside KTH's premises and use KTH Windows, ensure that your computer connects to KTH's network via KTH Windows VPN a few times a month, so that it can be updated with the necessary security, system, licence, and software updates.

A Virtual private network (VPN) gives you the option to from anywhere connect to a server that provides a direct connection to another network, in this case KTH's.

When you connect with VPN from home or from another place in the world (except for certain countries), you get an IP address on KTH's network series. This enables access to resources at KTH that requires you to be connected to KTH's network.

At KTH there are two VPN services available:

  • VPN to KTH
  • KTH VPN-service


The VPN to KTH service is installed and configured on all KTH Windows and KTH Mac computers, but can also be set up manually on a standalone computer, that requires KTH Windows or KTH Mac service permission.

Instructions for connecting to VPN to KTH with your KTH computer that has the KTH Windows or KTH Mac service installed:

Instructions for connecting to VPN with a device that is not installed with any of the above KTH services:

KTH VPN-service

KTH VPN-service is available to all employees and students. 

Read more about KTH VPN-service .