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Contact details

Below you will find contact information for the different areas within recruitment at KTH, both at Support Services (VS) and at the different Schools. You will also find contact information for questions regarding employer branding. Don´t hesitate to contact us at KTH:s central HR when you have questions or if you need help regarding recruitment in general. To initiate a recruitment process, please primarily contact the local HR at your School.

Contact information

Questions regarding technical, administrative and service personnel; researchers; research engineers; postgraduate students; postdoctoral fellows; teaching assistants and temporary (intermittent) positions.

Contact the HR-personnel at your specific School to start a new recruitment process or if you have any questions about an ongoing recruitment

Contact information regarding recruitment questions at KTH’s Schools

VS: Britt-Louise Henriksson



EECS: you will find here



General and strategic issues in recruitment

For strategic, general and overall questions about recruitment, such as inquires about advertising templates, competency- based recruitment (KBR) or interview techniques, contact Maria Salling or Margita Nilsson in the central HR department at  or contact information below

Personnel recruitment and employer branding at KTH´s central HR department , VS

Group Manager Maria Salling

Phone: 08- 790 7080

Administrator Margita Nilsson

Phone: +46(8)790 7074

Recruitment specialist Maria Gulwer

Phone: +46(8)790 6968

Teaching recruitment at Support Services (VS) and at your HR at your school´s local HR

Contact information to assisting personnel in HR when hiring teachers, lecturers, promoting teachers and when appointing certain titles are listed below. Contact employment and recruitment of teachers (in Swedish)

Questions when recruiting from abroad

The applicant should be offered a primary contact with KTH Relocation early in the recruitment process, for support and guidance on matters related to establishment in a new country. KTH Relocation also assists recruiting staff.

Contact information regarding advertising questions

Questions, that take employment law into consideration, in connection with recruitment

Contact information regarding questions about scholarships

Inquires regarding KTH´s recruitment system

For questions about the recruitment system,you should primarily contact your school´s superuser and, secondly