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New to KTH

Welcome to KTH! We are happy to welcome you as a new employee and we hope you will enjoy your new workplace. Here, you will find yourself surrounded with higly motivated colleagues in an open, inquisitive and dynamic environment.

Introductory courses for new employees

KTH´s management welcomes all newly recruited staff to KTH.

KTH Relocation

KTH Relocation helps you relocate and get settled in Sweden and at KTH.

Basic knowledge and understanding of KTH´s environmental work and significant environmental aspects, and more specific training when required.

Introduction to the University, e-learning

Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel, describes employeeship and leadership at KTH, and what she believes make KTH a unique employer.

What you become a part of

KTH's mission is to perform research, educate and share knowledge. It's education and research activities range from natural sciences to all branches of engineering and include architecture, industrial management and urban planning. Today, KTH stands for one-third of Sweden's engineering research capacity. It is also the country’s largest provider of university-level engineering training. Our aim is to find smart solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

As a university, we are a government institution. This means that we have an obligation to carry out the operations and apply the legislation that the government and parliament have decided upon – in a way that is accessible, legally secure and efficient. You can read more about what this means and how KTH wants to develop in the following links:

Working for a government employer

We are one KTH

KTH’s vision is to be a dynamic, innovative and creative university. In order to reach our goal of being one of Europes leading technical universities by 2027 we need employees who actively work to reach our goals, who are open to changes and who take responsibility for developing their own individual competence. Our vision is closely connected with our core values and with how we define employeeship. In other words, it is our employees who give meaning to KTH's vision. The foundation of our vision of being an innovative and creative university is the open and honest exhange of opinions and ideas.

KTH is made up of ten schools. Our diversity and wide range in terms of our schools and employees is one of our strengths, qualifying us to be one of the leading technical universities in Europe. Regardless of where in KTH we work, we share a common vision and core values, which is an important factor in our continued success.

Read more about our organisation, vision and core values in the following links:

KTH's organisation

Organisation and regulation

Developing at KTH

Our environment is permeated by creativity, which provides you with great opportunities to continuously develop within your role. At KTH, you will develop through the daily experience of collegial interaction in the projects in which you are involved and the networks you create. If after a while you find you want to broaden your scope - specialize or continue on as a leader at KTH - there are different avenues available by which to realize your ambitions. Reflect over how you want your development to take shape and maintain an on-going dialogue with your manager. You can read more about different types of development opportunities and support that KTH offers in the following links:

Doctoral students, researchers/research engineers, teachers and T/A/S employees

Staff training and development

Get to know KTH

As an employee you will need to know basic facts about KTH - what our organisation looks like, what has happened on our journey up to now and where we are located. KTH has grown quite a lot since its beginnings in 1827 - today we have five main campuses in Greater Stockholm: KTH Campus, KTH Kista, KTH Haninge, KTH Flemingsberg and KTH Södertälje. In addition to this we have several shared work areas, such as SciLifeLab and Albanova. Here you can find maps and addresses .

Facts about KTH

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Meet some colleagues

As an employee of KTH you will contribute to the development of society - regardless of whether you are doing research, teaching or working in administration, technology or service. You will have highly motivated colleagues in an open, inquisitive and dynamic environment, the type of environment that inspires innovation and development. Click on the following to meet some colleagues and hear them talk about what drives and motivates them: