Focus regions

As part of the long-term efforts to recruit qualified overseas students and to develop research collaborations, KTH has chosen to focus its outreach activities in four regions. The four regions are China, India, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

The choice of focus regions is mainly based on recruitment opportunities of self-paying students, high presence and great interest from Swedish industry, and that the region is interesting from an exchange perspective. Cooperation with attractive universities, companies and other organizations make KTH visible in the regions, which creates good conditions for productive activities and recruitment and also consolidate KTH's position in education and research.


Brazil is an emerging market. Many Swedish companies are in present and the country has a great need for engineers coming years. KTH has signed student exchange agreements with five universities and focuses both on increasing the number of outgoing students and to recruit more Brazilian students. Are you interested in knowing more about what KTH is doing in Brazil? Contact Hans Lundin to join the KTH Social group "Brazil Academic Cooperation".


KTH has long and well-established partnerships in China including a large number of agreements with several renowned universities, research centers, and several scholarship funds from the Chinese government for study and research at KTH. There are also scholarship programmes funded by the EU for different mobility initiatives.


India is witnessing a rapid expansion phase and the need for higher education is great. Traditionally, many Indians have studied in the United States and subsequently established companies in the country. Indian students has been one of the largest groups in KTH Master's programmes but with tuition fees there is a need for the recruitment to be developed.

Southeast Asia

In the South-East Asia KTH has chosen to focus on six countries: the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. An extensive student exchange with Singapore and Swedish companies' presence in the region are two of the reasons why this region is one of KTH's priority.

KTH has extensive cooperation with both the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and they are two of KTH's main partners for both incoming and outgoing students. KTH also has its office at NUS and NUS has its Overseas College of Europe based at the KTH (NUS has a total of six Overseas Colleges in the world).

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