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Faculty Board SCI

The Faculty Board at the School of SCI is the school's body for collegial influence and decision-making. The Faculty Board consists of the head of school as chair, six teacher representatives, one of whom is the vice-chair, two external representatives and two student representatives. The term of office for Faculty Boards is from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026.

About the Faculty Board

Responsibilities and duties of the Faculty Board

Meetings and meeting minutes

The Faculty Board usually meets 8 times a year.

Calendar of the Faculty Board meetings

Minutes from the Faculty Board meetings (Swe)

Participants of the Faculty Board


Deputy chair


Outi Tammisola
Outi Tammisola
associate professor 087906870

Student representatives 

  • Jonna Geiryd, student representative
  • Ebba Ahlgren Cederlöf, PhD representatives 

External members

  • Tomas Ireman, SAAB
  • Salla Franzén, Navigare Ventures

Representatives appointed by the employees’ organisations