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ISP - Individual study plans for doctoral students

The ISP system is a web-based tool for management of individual study plans for doctoral students.

User guide, updated 2023-03-29:

V.9 User Guide ISP (pdf 1.4 MB)

Email Support:

Questions about the ISP, error reports, user account advice etc. can be sent to


Employees at KTH may after login to KTH internal pages have to add the ISP to "Services" on the KTH web page. To do so, click "add service" and choose "Individual study plan for doctoral students (eISP)" from the list.

External users (eg. co-supervisors with employment outside KTH) must get in touch with the research admin staff at the school to get access to the ISP. They then log in here: Login for external users


  • Doctoral students will automatically be granted authorization to the system via the personal menu upon admission.

  • Co-supervisors that are not employed by KTH – contact the administration at the school where the doctoral student is enrolled.

Apply for a user account

For supervisors

For administrative staff


How do I create a study plan for my new doctoral student?

Only the principal supervisor can create the very first study plan when the doctoral student has been admitted. To do this, they click on the menu "Study plans", and then on the button "Create study plan." Select your doctoral student in the list. Remember to look for them on the correct KTH school. Once you have clicked the button "Save and Create," the study plan becomes visible for the doctoral student, who will also receive an email notification about the creation of the study plan. The plan is now in Created mode, in which both the doctoral student and supervisor can edit the plan.

How do I revise a study plan?

Both the doctoral student and the principal supervisor can initiate the revision of a study plan. To do so, they click on the menu "Study plans", and then on the button "Select action" and "Revise" next to most recently established study plan.


How do I retrieve new data from Ladok to my study plan?

Information is imported from Ladok both when the supervisor creates a new study plan for the first time, and every time the doctoral student or supervisor opens the study plan for editing while under revision.

Why can't I edit the study plan?

Only the doctoral student and the principal supervisor can edit a study plan. If you are a assistant supervisor, you can view but not edit your doctoral student's study plan. If you are a program director (PA), PhD Administrator, or establisher you can only review the study plan, with the exception that the programme director can add comments under section "7. Comments." A tip is to check the current status of the study plan::

As a doctoral student you can edit the study plan when its status is either "Created" or "Waiting for doctoral student".

As a principal supervisor you can edit the study plan when its status is either "Created" or "Waiting for supervisor".

Why does my study period used (%) seem incorrect?

That data is retrieved from Ladok so ask your local PhD administrator to check that the data is correct in Ladok. Remember that the planned study activity is always registered in Ladok in the beginning of each semester. That means that your used study period may look a semester longer than it actually is. By time, this will be adjusted automatically.


Olof Landin
Systems Specialist