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Doctoral Programmes and subjects

The following doctoral programmes, subjects and specialisations are offered by the School of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Doctoral programmes



Architecture Architecture Architectural Design; History and Theory of Architecture; Architectural Technology; Critical Studies; Urban Design
Civil and Architectural Engineering Civil and Architectural Engineering

Concrete Structures; Structural Engineering and Bridges; Building Materials; Building Technology; Hydraulic and Hydrologic Engineering; Building Service and Energy Systems; Soil and Rock Mechanics; Fluid and Climate Theory

Energy and Environmental Systems* Industrial Ecology  
Geodesy and Geoinformatics Geodesy and Geoinformatics Geodesy

Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Technology, Science, and the Environment


History of Science, Technology and Environment

Land and Water Resources Engineering Land and Water Resources Engineering  
Planning and Decision Analysis Planning and Decision Analysis Urban and Regional Studies;

Strategies for sustainable development;

  Risk and Safety
The Built Environment and Society: Management, Economics and Law Real Estate and Construction Management
Business Studies
Transport Science Transport Science Transport Systems
Transport Infrastructure
*Note: The doctoral programme Energy and Environmental Systems belongs to the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. Only the subject Industrial Ecology belongs to the School of Architecture and the built environment.
Belongs to: School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
Last changed: Feb 03, 2021