Appointment of programme councils for the school's doctoral programmes

Programme councils are to be appointed for all the school's doctoral programmes.
The term of office of the programme councils follows the term of office of the current Programme Directors (PA), until 2022-06-30.

Programme councils for the following programmes has not yet been appointed:

  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering

Appointment of Programme councils

PA, together with Deputy PA, has been asked to submit proposals for principal supervisors / teacher representatives who may be included in the council.

If possible, the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) recommends that all principal supervisors within the programme should be included. It is also possible to suggest external members / industry representatives.

THS Student Union appoints doctoral student representatives to the programme councils, these may change during the term of office of the programme council. Representatives from the administration will also be linked to the programme council.

Head of School appoints the programme councils in consultation with FA.

Head of school in consultation with the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment has decided to appoint the following persons to the programme council for the mentioned doctoral programmes:


Meike Schalk, PA
Victor Edman
Hélène Frichot
Catharina Gabrielsson
Katja Grillner
Daniel Koch
Helena Mattsson

Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Technology, Science, and the Environment

Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, PA
Nina Wormbs, Bitr PA
Tor Sandqvist, teacher representative philosophy
Per Högselius, teacher representative historical studies

Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Yifang Ban, PA
Bin Jiang
Takeshi Shirabe
Milan Horemuz
Mohammad Bagherbandi
Jonas Ågren

Art, Technology and Design

Meike Schalk, PA
Magnus Bärtås (Konstfack)
Leif Dahlberg
Hélène Frichot
Catharina Gabrielsson
Sara Ilstedt
Helena Mattsson
Bo Westerlund (Konstfack)

The Built Environment and Society: Management, Economics and Law

Björn Berggren, PA
Tina Karrbom Gustavsson
Peter Ekbäck
Han-Suck Song

Planning and Decision Analysis

Mattias Höjer, PA
Andrew Karvonen, bitr. PA
Anna Björklund
Cecilia Håkansson
Greger Henriksson
Göran Finnveden
Hans Westlund
Jonathan Metzger
Karin Bradley
Karolina Isaksson
Maria Håkansson
Tigran Haas
Tove Malmqvist
Vania Ceccato
Viveka Palm
Åsa Svenfelt
Linda Schenk

Transport Science

Joel Franklin, PA
Oskar Fröidh, Bitr. PA
Erik Jenelius
Markus Bohlin
Xiaoliang Ma
Anders Karlström
Muriel Beser Hugosson
Yusak Susilo