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DiSa - The Lab for a Digital Built Environment

DiSa is a living workshop for the digital information process in the built environment and a meeting place for students, teachers and industry. The activities encompasses the entire built environment process from planning through design and production to use and management.

A living workshop for a Digital Built Environment

  •   home to a machine park that offers tools linked to digital models;
  •   state of the art digital tools that can be used in teaching, e.g. in project courses;
  •   place for regular seminars and workshops with industry and external partners.

An opportunity to demonstrate the latest digital technology and develop an excellent training and development environment and test bed for new technology

Already during their education, students get to use advanced tools for, for example, data collection, analysis, visualization and communication that can be used in the areas of architecture, geodesy, surveying, transport, building and construction technology and property management.

Ivan Samkov / Pexels

The Digital Information Process in the Built Environment

  • create uninterrupted and efficient information flows between all actors in the built environment process;
  • show and develop different possibilities for creating and sharing structured digital models for the entire life cycle of the built environment;
  • enrich the models with information, not least linked to analyzing and evaluating with regard to environmental impact and sustainable development.