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TEDxKTH: Designing the Future – AI's Role in Art, Creativity, and Architecture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries and creative domains. Can AI inspire us to become more creative?

Time: Thu 2023-11-16 14.15 - 17.15

Location: Ångdomen, KTH Library and Zoom

Language: English

Participating: André Holzapfel, Astrid Stenberg, Ingrid Campo Ruiz, KTH AI Society, Binette Seck and more

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AI generated image of a skyline

Welcome to this TEDxKTH Salon, where we will discuss the possibilities and challenges of AI and creativity. You will also have the opportunity to listen to AI-generated music and experience AI-generated art.

Read more about the program, speakers and registration on the event site TEDxKTH – Designing the Future: AI's Role in Art, Creativity, and Architecture 16 November 2023

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