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PandionAI - Increased transparency and better sustainability

Welcome to one of our monthly seminars!
Presented at KTH and digital on zoom.

Time: Wed 2022-05-04 15.15 - 16.00

Location: E3, Osquars backe 14

Video link:

Participating: Christer Andersson

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We live in an exceptional time. Never before has technological development been so rapid and entailed such revolutionary changes. At the same time, the global environment and the earth are largely dominated by humans taking over as the planet's new creator. We live in the Anthropocene and are possibly approaching an AI singularity.

What is the role of space companies and how will they shape and change this development? What do the new economic methods and driving forces that are currently creating a new infrastructure in space mean? And what are an engineer's opportunities and obligations in these contexts?

PandionAI is a small start-up space company that, with great commitment, participates in the development to contribute to the upcoming infrastructure in space. We are an information company, based on a unique constellation of Earth observation satellites, which will deliver fast critical information about crucial events on the Earth's surface. We have the vision to contribute to a transparent global world where the use of nature's and society's resources is used democratically and sustainably.

The presenter at KTH Space Center's next monthly seminar, Christer Andersson, is CVO in PandionAI and has about 35 years of combined knowledge from all parts of the remote sensing industry. He has worked in both governmental organizations and commercial companies and has experience from various multinational collaborations.

The seminar will be held May 4 15.00-16.00, in lecture hall E3 (Osquars backe 14) and online at zoom: See you there!