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Seminar- results from Mini-EUSO

a nadir-oriented UV-telescope on ISS

Time: Tue 2022-11-29 15.15 - 16.00

Location: FA32, AlbaNova

Video link:

Language: Engelska

Participating: Karl Bolmgren

Welcome to our next monthly seminar presented by Karl Bolmgren who will talk about the results from Mini-EUSO , a UV-telescope on the International Space Station, ISS, since late 2019. Mini-Euso performs observations of the UV light emission from Earth and its atmosphere in nadir orientation, which is the direction pointing directly below a particular location.

The instrument is designed to pave the way for future space missions to detect ultra-high energy cosmic rays from orbit by observing the extensive air showers associated with the cosmic rays. The science goals also include the study of other phenomena occurring in the Earth's atmosphere, like meteors, transient luminous events and airglow emissions.

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