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We invite you to visit KTH's exciting research environments! During KTH’s lab tours, you will get the chance to visit and learn about research conducted in our labs, see unique facilities and try on-going projects. Welcome!

Time: Thu 2022-10-06 16.30 - 18.00

Location: KTH Campus, Valhallavägen

Language: Swedish and English

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KTH invites interested parties to visit exciting and world-leading research environments during our 'lab tours'. A lab tour is one and a half hours long and consists of visits to two or three different labs. A guide leads each lab tour, and the group consists of between 15-20 participants.

Information regarding the event, such as starting point, will be sent to you in a separate e-mail after registration. 

Tour 1 (English) Fully booked at the moment

There is no waiting list, please try to book later on.

Fusion Experiment EXTRAP T2R

The EXTRAP T2R is a major experimental facility for fusion research. Here researchers study alternative magnetic confinement configurations which have the potential to produce fusion plasmas. Some experimental areas include plasma-wall interaction and the development of spectroscopic diagnostics for the evaluation of plasma parameters

Anechoic chamber

In this lab, researchers measure the electromagnetic properties of antennas and other microwave components, from 2 to 70 gigahertz (GHz). The walls are covered with blue, foam-like material that minimizes electromagnetic echo. The lab is used in collaborations with external parties, such as Ericsson for measuring 5G/6G components and European Space Agency (ESA) for measuring antennas used for satellite communications.

PDC Center for High Performance Computing

Visit the most powerful supercomputer in the Nordic countries! During the tour, you will get insights in how it is built and used for research. PDC Center for High Performance Computing is one of six supercomputer

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Tour 2 (English) Fully booked at the moment

There is no waiting list, please try to book later on.

During tour 2, you will visit two mid-size research environments.

Smart mobility lab and Integrated Transport research lab

I Smart Mobility Lab (SML) och Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) forskar man på framtidens transporter och trafik. På SML arbetar man med utveckling och tester av lösningar för intelligenta transportsystem och självkörande bilar med hjälp av simulering och modeller. På ITRL arbetar KTH tillsammans med Scania med att utveckla och demonstrera nya hållbara transportsystem.

Sustainable Power Lab

På SPL pågår forskning, utveckling och utbildning i ämnet elteknik. Labbet tittar på prototyputveckling och test av kraftelektronik, antenner, elmaskiner och drivsystem. Här ingår också högspänningslabbet som man använder för forskning inom högspänning, isolationsmaterial och komponenter i elkraftssystem. I labbet finns utrustning för impulsurladdningar och elektrostatiska experiment.

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Tour 3 (Swedish) Fully booked at the moment

There is no waiting list, please try to book later on.

During tour 3, you will visit the Odqvist Laboratory, a large research environment with a wide range of labs.

Odqvist laboratory

The Odqvist Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics is unique in Sweden, offering advanced test methods and experimental facilities covering most aspects of Engineering Mechanics. The facilities include wind tunnels, anechoic and reverberant acoustic chambers, and a broad range of test equipment and measurement systems for solid and fluid materials.

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Nobel Calling

KTH's lab tours are part of Nobel Calling, a project led by the Nobel Foundation. The purpose of Nobel Calling is to gather activities within research and science in Stockholm during the week in October when the Nobel prizes are announced. This year, the event takes place 3 to 10 October.

Visit the Nobel Calling website to see what else is happening i Stockholm during the week.

Nobel Calling website