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Published May 03, 2022

From first of December 2022, it will no longer be possible to pay the union fee via salary deductions. If you currently pay your fee via salary deduction, you need to change payment method to direct debit or e-invoice as soon as possible.

How to:

Register for e-invoice

If you add Fackförbundet ST as a payee via your internet bank, you only need to approve the payment of the fee at the end of the month. Usually you find the option to add a payee or register an e-invoice under the payment and transfer options at your bank's web pages. Search for the trade union ST here, and choose us as the payee for e-invoice.

Keep in mind that the account from which you want the membership fee to be deducted must be linked to you. If you share the account or have registered an e-invoice to an account that is not yours, it will not work.

Apply for direct debit

If you choose direct debit, the membership fee is deducted automatically without you having to do anything.

The option to sign up for direct debit is usually found under payment and transfers at your bank's web pages. Search for Fackförbundet ST and select Register. You are asked to enter your ten-digit social security number.
Please note that you must be the owner of the account yourself. It is not possible to deduct the fee from, for example, the spouse's account. An account owned by two spouses separately is accepted by some banks but not all. Therefore, check with your bank what applies.

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