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Checklist for moving within KTH

Are you or your department moving within KTH? Below you will find a checklist of what you should consider when you move.

To consider when moving


  • Boxes and furnishings which are to be moved should have a label attached.
  • The boxes should be marked on the short sides.
  • Don´t fill the boxes up to more than half with tightly packed paper, books etc to spare
    the backs of the workers and avoid boxes to crash due to´the weight.

Office furniture

  • the office desks will be detached which means that each desk plate must be marked, as well
    as part of table stand.
  • Mark the pedestal.
  • If your bookshelf is in several parts, mark each part.
  • Desk chair and visitor chairs should be marked on the legs.

If you bring interior

  • Make a sketch over how you plan to have your room furnished. The more detailed the bigger
    is the chance tha you will be content.
  • Leave a sketch to the person responsible for the relocation at your department.

Waste and garbage disposal

Access to garbage room E-mail:


  • Unlock locked cmputers
  • Disconnect cables
  • Pack keyboard, mouse etc.
  • Computer case and computer screen should not be wrapped, they will be moved as is.

Post, cards and keys

  • Tell KTH post and the switchboard that you will move, so that the post and visitors find
    the right place.
  • Check that keys and access cards matches the new address.
    Card Office E-mail:
    Keyservice E-mail:


  • Remember the relocation of telephone and computer outlets.
    KTH switchboard for the correct telephone connection, E-mail:  or call:
    790 6000
  • Services / subscription to the phone, whether it is a landline or mobile extension (MEX)
    Contact Teleservice E-mail:   Phone: 790 6800.

Final Cleaning

  • Please contact the Cleaning Service to order a final cleaning or modificaton of a contract.



Room charging


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