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KTH has five campuses and several workplaces. KTH Campus, KTH Kista, KTH Flemingsberg, KTH Södertälje and KTH Solna.

Opening Hours during Valborg, Friday 30th of April for Facility Services:

KTH Switchboard: 08.00-12.00

Reception Desk Brinellvägen 8: 08.00-12.00

KTH Post office : 08.00-11.30

Card Office, Back Office: 08.00-11.30

Access Cards at KTH Campus

Some students will need to register for the next semester in order to extend their student access:
Course registration

New students will regain access the 24th of August.

All basic matters, like changing the pin code, retrieving a new card or replacing a broken card, are taken care of in KTH Entré .
Please note! Pin codes and access card numbers will not be provided by phone or email, due to security reasons.

For more information please check out this website: Entry

How to encode your telephone extension

In order to give students , our fellow workers and the public the very best service, we ask you to please encode your extensions when you´re not able to take your calls. For instance when you are on vacation, at conference, at meetings, on lunch break etc.

We recommend you to download the app. It´s easy!

Please, check out this link

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