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KTH's campuses and common facilities

KTH has five campuses and several workplaces and common facilities. Our five campuses are: KTH Campus, KTH Kista, KTH Flemingsberg, KTH Södertälje and KTH Solna.

Byggnad i tegel där det står KTH Entré.
KTH Entré, Drottning Kristinas väg 4.

Access cards

Visit KTH Entré  for all queries regarding access, such as changing pin code, retrieving a new card or replacing a broken card.

Due to security reasons, pin codes and access card numbers will not be provided by phone or email.

Service number: 9200

(08-790 9200)

Call this number for emergencies.

For other inquiries regarding technical equipment, heating, water, ventilation and so on: Report a fault

Update of all card readers on all campuses

Between February and June 2024, all existing access card readers will be updated. For you as a user, this may result in short-term operational disruptions. If you are unable to use your card, you can wait a few minutes for access or look for an alternative door.

Ongoing construction work at KTH Campus

Establishing of a ventilation shaft

In spring 2024, work will be conducted to establish a ventilation shaft for operation and maintenance of the high-voltage cables near IVL. This will cause some disruption. The project is owned and operated by Svenska kraftnät. For more information: Ongoing construction work

Refer your extension

Please refer your extension in case of absence such as holidays, conferences or meetings.

A tip is to use the KTH mobile app

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