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Welcome to KTH Entré

KTH Entré is a central meeting point for service and information on campus. As an employee you can get help with your access card, KTH account and IT-support. Here you can also buy KTH branded merchandise.

KTH Entré exterior

Address and opening hours

Address: Drottning Kristinas väg 4
Opening hours: 08.00 - 16.30

Summer opening hours

17 June - 5 August, KTH Entré will be open:
Monday - Friday 10.00 - 14.00

Deviating opening hours Spring semester 2024

Tuesday 30 April: 08.00 - 12.00 (Walpurgis Night)

Wednesday 1 May: Closed (International Workers' Day)

Thursday 9 May: Closed (Ascension Day)

Friday 10 May: Closed (Bridge day)

Thursday 6 June: Closed (National Day of Sweden)

Friday 7 June: Closed (Bridge day)

Friday 21 June: Closed (Midsummer's Eve)

Digital queue ticket in KTH Entré

Now you can take a digital queue ticket if you are visiting KTH Entré. In that way, you can see how long it takes until it is your turn if many people are ahead of you. You can either queue through a web link that you will also find on-site at KTH Entré or by downloading the app Q-cloud in App store or Google Play. 

Digital queue ticket in KTH Entré

Q-cloud in App store

Q-cloud in Google Play

We can help you with following queries

Access card

The access card is used to access rooms and facilities on campus. In KTH Entré you can pick up a new card, replace a lost card or change you PIN code. 

Access card 

KTH account

The KTH account is used for accessing KTH:s IT services. At KTH Entré you can collect your KTH account and get help activating it. 

KTH account 


In KTH Entré you can get help with IT-related queries and collect any hardware that you have ordered.

IT support 

KTH Shop

You can purchase KTH branded merchandise in the KTH Shop. Here you can find clothes, pens, bags and more.

KTH Shop


Employees can park at KTH campus at a staff rate. At KTH Entré you can purchase tickets for employees. 


Lost and found

Have you lost or found anything at KTH Campus? KTH Entré takes care of lost property at KTH.

Lost and found 

Book the Entré hall

Many events are held at KTH Entré, such as lunch seminars and exhibitions. You are welcome to send your booking request to .

Event in KTH Entré

The school´s Service Centers

EECS and ITM schools have own service centers where you can get help with parcels, deliveries, catering, visitors and premises.

Operational status


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