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Contact KTH IT-Support

On this page you will find useful information on what to do when you want to contact KTH-IT support.

Changed opening and visiting hours during summer

Phone and email

No changes. Telephone line +46 8 790 6600 is open as usual between 8.00-16.30


Opening hours in KTH Entré during summer (14 June - 13 August), 10:00-14:00, KTH Entré

IT-support opening hours during exam period P4 and re-exams in June and August 2021

During the remote re-examination exam period P4 and re-exams in June and August 2021, KTH IT-support will have following opening hours and readiness to help with examination tool issues, About exam period P4 and re-exams in June and August 2021

Information when contacting KTH IT-support

Good to know before contacting KTH IT-support

If you are a new employee, start by reading the Introduction to the IT environment at KTH.

Go through the current alerts , operational status for employees  and the scheduled service maintenance  to see if your case or trouble correlates with any information there.

Usually we ask about the user's computer name and or IP address when giving support on your KTH Windows computer. You can find help on how to get the information needed on the page Find computer name or IP address - KTH Windows .

Contact information to KTH IT-support

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Map of KTH entrance

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