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Portal for IT matters

In the portal, it is possible to report an IT-problem. As an employee, you can also order certain IT services like KTH Account or guest Wi-Fi access, and IT products such as computers and phones.

There are different ways to get in touch with KTH IT Support. In addition to already well-established contact channels such as telephone, e-mail and visits to KTH Entré, IT has now launched a portal where you can create an IT ticket, order certain IT services or order IT products in one place. There are certain advantages in using the portal than e.g. send an e-mail to KTH's IT Support.

Create an IT ticket

In the portal, you can create an IT-related ticket by clicking on the "Contact" button on the home page. You can e.g. register a general IT request, a general IT problem, or you can choose one of the other available categories.

Order IT services

In addition to creating an IT related ticket, as an employee, you can order certain IT services in the portal such as KTH Account, shared mailbox or Wi-Fi guest account. You need to choose one of those categories to get more information about the service and to be able to fill in a form before sending the order.

Order IT products

In the portal, employees can order IT products. You can find more information about how this is done at Ordering IT-Products .

Advantages of using the portal

  • Dynamic forms provide more complete tickets that make case management system way more effective, which ultimately results in faster service.
  • You can as a user
    • see your own tickets and their status. Even your completed tickets.
    • cancel your ticket yourself if you do not need our help any more.
    • see your registered computers and mobile devices.
  • You are logged in, so you do not need to write who you are when you send in requests.
  • Many forms collected in one place.