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Events at KTH Entré

Are you planning to arrange an exhibition or a lunch seminar or do you need a central spot to share information and meet the students? In this case the Entréhall at KTH Entré could be an option for you.

Do you need a central location for your event? The Entré hall could be an option for you. This place is light and spacious and can accommodate about 200 people. It works well for both small and large events, such as exhibitions, lunch seminars and small concerts. For booking please e-mail

Premises and furniture

The Entréhall is about 33 meters long and about 6,5 meters wide. It stretches from the stairs next to the Entré information counter till the wooden wall. The space with a red sofa grouping behind the wooden wall is the area called Lilla Entrén. Its size is about 6,5 by 6,5 meters.

The following furniture is available:

  • Tall round tables: 10 items (109 cm)
  • Medium tall round tables: 6 items (72 cm)
  • Low tables: 4 items (62 cm)
  • Red chairs: 80 items
  • Sofas: 6 items
  • A stage platform 120x120x30 cm


Toilets and a toilet suitable for persons with disabilities are located on the ground floor.


There is an elevator at KTH Entré which is located inside the building opposite the main entrance at Drottning Kristinas väg 4. The elevator goes between the ground floor and first floor.

IT and wireless network

There are two network sockets in the Entréhall. They are located on the wooden wall in Lilla Entrén. The wireless network Eduroam works everywhere on KTH premises. If you do not have access to Eduroam, you can order a temporary guest account from IT-department at not later than five working days before use. Otherwise the IT-department cannot guarantee you getting access to Eduroam by the event date. Computers/laptops are not provided by KTH Entré. However, other IT-related equipment, such as printers can be borrowed for the event. Send your order in advance to

Audiovisual equipment

There is a projector with a screen in the Entréhall. Another projector can be used on the rear wall; it is located behind the wooden wall in Lilla Entrén. The projectors and screens are controlled from a display located on the side of the wooden wall. There is a user guide next to the display. Two microphones, a standard wireless handheld microphone and a headset are also available. Other audiovisual equipment can be ordered elsewhere or from the IT-department at

Important things to consider while planning

Plan your exhibition carefully, especially with regard to the choice of materials and safety aspects. Use the wall surface instead of floor, roll-ups, folding screens or similar freestanding furniture that occupies less space. Avoid wooden materials as they create high fire risk. Also, please remember to include Safety representative Yisak Abraham from University Administration in your correspondence regarding the event at an early stage of the planning process.

Booking and cancellation

Send your booking request to

The following information must be clearly stated:

  • What - What kind of event is it?
  • When - When does the event take place?
  • Contact person - Who is responsible for the event? (must be a KTH employee)

Cancellations no later than five working days before the planned event.

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