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Events at KTH Entré

Are you planning to arrange an exhibition, a small fair or a lunch seminar, or do you need a central spot to share information and meet KTH students? In this case, the event space in KTH Entré could be an option for you.

The space is light,can accommodate up to 100 visitors and has a central location on campus close to public transport. The number of visitors allowed depends on the type of event organized. KTH Entré's daily operations is during weekdays from 08:00 to 16:30.

Premises and furniture

The event space is approximately 17 meters long and 5 meters wide. It stretches from counter number 5 to the rear wall. It is possible to divide the event area with a red curtain and thus have two spaces. The area behind the curtain is 6 meters long and 5 meters wide. There is a projector and screen for both spaces. Please note that you may not place furniture next to or block existing emergency exits for safety reasons. Make good use of the furniture that is on-site, or use your own folding walls, roll-ups or other compact furnishings.

The following furniture is available:

  • Tall round tables: (109 cm) 10
  • Medium tall round tables: (72 cm) 6
  • Low tables: (62 cm) 4
  • Red chairs: 80
  • Sofas: 6
  • 6 Folding tables are also available upon request, 60x120 cm.
  • A stage platform, 115x230x30 cm, is available. The stage consists of cubes, and it is movable.

IT and wireless network

The wireless network Eduroam works everywhere on KTH premises. If you do not have access to Eduroam, you can order a temporary guest account from IT-department ( ) no later than five business days before use. The IT department cannot guarantee access to Eduroam by the event date if the guest account is ordered later than mentioned. KTH Entré does not provide computers/laptops. A printer is available in the Entré hall, and you can use it by logging in to your KTH account.

Audiovisual equipment

There are two projectors with screens in the event space. One projector can be used on the rear wall, and one is located in the front part of the event space. The projectors and screens are controlled by a display located to the left on the rear wall. There is a user guide next to the display. Two microphones, a standard wireless handheld microphone and a headset, are also available upon request. Other audiovisual equipment can be ordered elsewhere or from the IT department at


Toilets, including one accessible to people with disabilities, are located on the ground floor.


At KTH Entré, an elevator is located, in the building, opposite the main entrance. The elevator operates between floor 1 (ground floor) and floor 2.

Important things to consider while planning

It is important that the existing safety regulations are followed at events in the Entré Hall.
During larger events, the person that has booked the event must count the number of visitors continuously to ensure that the agreed maximum number of visitors is not exceeded in the event space.

Booking and cancellation

Please send your booking request to withthe following details included:

  • The name of the event
  • What - What kind of event is it?
  • When - When does the event take place? Date and time.
  • Will there be any food and/or drinks during the event?
  • Contact person/responsible for the event- must be KTH employee or Student with responsibilities within THS.

A meeting before a booking can be arranged, upon request. If the booking request is accepted, you will receive a booking form to complete and a user guide/terms of use.

Cancellations must be made, per email, no later than five working days before the planned event.

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