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Ordering profile products

In KTH's profile shop, you can buy products for events and visits, as gifts or for yourself. Ordering is done in different ways depending on whether you buy them in service or as a private person.

Two shirts and one bag with KTH logotype on white background
Example of KTH profile products.

Guidelines for profile products

Profile products contribute to the visibility of KTH’s brand and it is important the messages these products send. A profile product from KTH must live up to high environmental and sustainability requirements and KTH's graphic profile  must be followed. If you want to develop your own product, the process will be coordinated with the KTH Sustainability Office and the communications department, more info on special orders below.

Environment, climate and sustainable development at KTH

Sustainable development is part of KTH's core values ​​and our choice of profile products is a reflection of KTH. Every product we buy has far-reaching consequences, from which companies and economies our purchases support, to the chain reaction set in motion by their production, use, and disposal.

When the choice is made to purchase products, we must strive to ensure that they consume as little resources and energy as possible from a life cycle perspective and minimize negative environmental impacts. The materials we choose must be recyclable. Read more about the policy for sustainable development at KTH .


KTH's procured supplier of profile products is Voky AB. It is not permitted to buy profile products from other suppliers.

Employee - orders via Wisum

You will find KTH's standard range of profile products in Wisum . We recommend that you first place you select and order from this range, which is already approved from a sustainability and brand point of view.

How to order:

1. Click on Products and services/Profile products and choose from the subcategories. Add the products you want to the shopping cart.

2. To complete the order, go to the shopping cart and select the Submit button and follow the instructions. If you are not authorized to complete the order yourself, select your department's customer from the list and send to him.

Link to Wisum

If you have questions, requests or need help with profile products, please email

Special orders

Do you want to order a non standard product? Start by taking a moment to think about the need from a sustainability point of view. Does the product run the risk of being used only on one occasion then becoming a shelf warmer or being thrown away prematurely? A t-shirt with a date or trade fair name, for example, has a very limited useful life.

Special orders are done via email to . Calculate a delivery time up to eight weeks, depending for example on whether production takes place in Sweden or abroad. If you are in a hurry we recommend that you order from the standard assortment.

Special orders are reviewed by the communications department and the KTH Sustainability Office.

Shop as a private person

If you want to shop as a private person, you are welcome to visit the profile shop in KTH Entré or one of our local service centers on the campuses in Flemingsberg, Kista and Södertälje, where you can also see the products in real life. You can also order via KTH's online shop . Please note that payment has to be done by credit card in KTH Entré and the service centers (invoice is not possible).