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Visual identity

Our Brand guidelines describe KTH's graphic profile and how we consistently and clearly present KTH. The Brand guidelines provide information on the use of KTH's logo, brand colors, fonts, and graphic elements. By following the guidelines, we ensure a unified communication that reinforces the KTH brand.

Brand guidelines KTH

KTH Brand guidlines describe our graphic profile and contain instructions and design examples of advertisements, flyers, roll-ups and more.

Three poeple talking in fron of a computer.

Templates and tools

Templates for different types of documents, information on how to create a communication plan and KTH's overall presentation material.

The Brand guidelines contain instructions for the KTH brand:

New updated visual identity

Starting September 2023, an updated visual identity will be introduced. The implementation will be phased gradually until 2027.

For questions about the implementation please contact:

Download KTH Brand guidelines 

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KTH Brand guidelines (pdf 6.4 MB)