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Letters, packages and other goods

Through KTH-post you can send work-related letters and other goods within KTH as well as nationally and internationally. You can also send business packages and order Express Mail-Service. You can not send or receive private packages by KTH Post Office.

Contact and Opening hours:

Opening hours:
Weekdays 8.00 - 16.00
Closed for lunch 11.30 - 12.30
Please note that it´s closed during Holidays and working day between holidays.
Maundy Thursday 08.00-11.30

Send package and Regi/Exp/EMS letters:
Latest submission 15.00

Contact KTH Post
Visiting Address:
Drottning Kristinas väg 46

Post within KTH

KTH Post Office delivers and collects post and packages at KTH Campus.
The post is delivered to mail-rooms and post boxes.

  • Post within KTH should be addressed with the school, department, name and address.
  • Mail to Södertälje, Flemingsberg, ScilifeLab Solna and Benify AB should be handled as external mail.
  • Barcode envelopes from KTH-Campus are always sent through KTH-Post and can not be used for a reply mail. The barcode is no stamp, but merely a cost center.
    If barcode envelopes are posted in other than our internal post boxes, like PostNord´s post boxes in town, there will be additional assessment.
    If you need to use Reply Mail please contact KTH-POST for more information.
    Barcode labels for padded envelopes can be ordered from KTH-POST. Private letters should have a stamp.
  • Advertising and brochures sent to KTH with an incomplete address will be returned to sender.

Outbound mail

  • All outbound mail must be equipped with barcode and KTH logotype.
  • Outbound mail without barcode and/or name of sender will be opened by KTH-Post for action.
  • Letters may weigh up to 2 kg (shipping over 2 kg are sent as packages).
  • Name of sender should always be written on the back of the letter.

Letters abroad

  • Should have a Prioritaire mark.
  • If the letter contains other than paper it should be provided with a customs label. These are available at KTH-POST.
  • Letters outside of EU that contains thicker material, such as a thesis, must be provided with a CN22 customs label and be correctly signed. CN22 labels are available at KTH-POST.
Customs declaration CN22
Customs declaration CN22

Are you going to send a lot of letters?

  • Reduced price if there are more than 500
  • Letters must be labeled with A or B post and POSTAGE PAID in the upper right corner.
  • Sort letters divided by categories: Sweden, Europe and the rest of the World.
  • NOTE: Not bar coded.
  • We fill in the delivery-note according to your data on number of letters, paying school / dept. invoice authorizer and phone number.

Parcels, Rek, and Express Mail Service


  • Shipping, to envelope and delivery of business package, will be debited.

Goods that requires a pallet

  • Contact KTH-post for shipping at 08-790 88 11 (KTH-Post does not have any pallets).

Dangerous Goods

  • KTH Post does not handle dangerous goods. For the transport of dangerous goods, KTH has frame agreements to be used. Please see more information on KTH's purchasing and procurement web pages:
    KTH's purchasing and procurement