Letters, packages and other goods

Through KTH-post you can send work-related letters and other goods within KTH as well as nationally and internationally. You can also send business packages and order Express Mail-Service. You can not send or receive private packages by KTH Post Office.

Contact and Opening hours:

Send package and Regi/Exp/EMS letters:
Latest submission 15.00

Opening hours during Ascension Day and National Holiday2019:

Thursday 30th of May: Closed

Friday 31st of May: Closed

Thursday 6th of June: Closed

Friday 7th of June: Closed

Opening Hours
Weekdays 8.00 - 16.00
Closed for lunch 11.30 - 12.30

Contact KTH Post
Visiting Address:
Drottning Kristinas väg 46
E-Mail: kthposten@kth.se

Post within KTH

KTH Post Office delivers and collects post and packages at KTH Campus.
The post is delivered to mail-rooms and post boxes.

  • Post within KTH should be addressed with the school, department, name and address.
  • Mail to Campus Haninge, Södertälje, Flemingsberg, ScilifeLab Solna and Benify AB should be handled as external mail.
  • Advertising and brochures sent to KTH with an incomplete address will be returned to sender.
  • Barcode envelopes from KTH-Campus are always sent through KTH-Post and can not be used for a reply mail. The barcode is no stamp, but merely a cost center.
    If barcode envelopes are posted in other than our internal post boxes, they will be returned to sender.
    If you need to use Reply Mail please contact KTH-POST for more information.
    Barcode labels for padded envelopes can be ordered from KTH-POST. Private letters should have a stamp.

Outbound mail

  • All outbound mail must be equipped with barcode and KTH logotype.
  • Outbound mail without barcode and/or name of sender will be opened by KTH-Post for action.
  • Letters may weigh up to 2 kg (shipping over 2 kg are sent as packages).
  • Name of sender should always be written on the back of the letter.

Letters abroad

  • Should have a Prioritaire mark.
  • If the letter contains other than paper it should be provided with a customs label. These are available at KTH-POST.

Are you going to send a lot of letters?

  • Reduced price if there are more than 500
  • Letters must be labeled with A or B post and POSTAGE PAID in the upper right corner.
  • Sort letters divided by categories: Sweden, Europe and the rest of the World.
  • NOTE: Not bar coded.
  • We fill in the delivery-note according to your data on number of letters, paying school / dept. invoice authorizer and phone number.

Parcels, Rek, and Express Mail Service


  • Shipping, to envelope and delivery of business package, will be debited.

Goods that requires a pallet

  • Contact KTH-post for shipping at 08-790 88 11 (KTH-Post does not have any pallets).
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