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Package reception at KTH-Post

Here´s how the package reception works at KTH-Post

Packages addressed to KTH via Post Nord with postal code 100 44 will be delivered to KTH Post

We scan the packages and deliver to the places where there is a goods reception, or alternatively, on-site caretakers who receive and acknowledge.

If there are no recipients on site, the package will be delivered to KTH Post and the receiver will be notified.

In order for this to work smoothly, we need your help with suitable drop-off centers with the ability to receive and sign.

Packages with postal code 114 28 will be delivered by Post Nord.

Packages PostNord can´t deliver will be brought and deposited at KTH Post, we will check out and announce to the recipients. Those packages can be retrieved at KTH-Post.

If we don´t accept these packages they will end up on one of PostNords delivery points and KTH-Post doesn´t pick up any packages outside of KTH.

When ordering a package, it is expected that there should be a recipient in place to be able to acknowledge the shipment.

All suppliers whether external or internal, want a receipt that they have left the packages.

Observe that it´s only allowed to receive work-related packages to KTH.

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Last changed: Mar 09, 2021