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KTH safety function consists of KTH security manager and the security group. The function handles security issues from a strategic and operational perspective, and maintains the authority's security preparedness and is convening for the KTH crisis management group.

The strategic security assignment through KTH's security manager includes, among other things, KTH's security policy with guidelines, security planning, risk management, the authoritie's agreement on flammable products and radiation sources and safeguards. Contact with authorities such as the Police Office, Radiation Safety Authority, Stockholm's Fire Department, MSB, Kammarkollegiet and Stockholm's social office.

The operational safety assignment through the safety group includes physical security with a focus on entry, shell protection, surveillance, systematic fire protection work SBA, alarm and security design.

The Security function serves the authority with safety information and safety courses, insurance issues, risk analyzes, fire safety and evacuation issues, admission and access card cases, security guards and alarm issues, perimeter protection, keys and locks, security planning, police reports and cases related to crime and investigations as well as security advisors for transport of dangerous goods.

Other services that the function handles are security issues linked to the student and student matters. Applications and permissions for events, gathering and serving license, safety information for newly admitted students and at reception. (Menas Arrival Days)?

The security manager and the security group work closely together and meet in the borderland for the strategic and operational issues. Collaboration includes, among other things, KTH's security policy, KTH's planning documentation for safety and fire, security planning and project planning, security preparedness and study social issues from a security perspective.

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Last changed: Mar 29, 2019