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Physical security

At KTH we strive to create a safe and secure environment for everyone on our campuses. Physical security at KTH therefore includes different types of security and protection measures.

The purpose of physical security at KTH is to prevent and deter vandalism, unlawful appropriation and unauthorised access and entry to KTH's premises. To prevent the risk of insecurity for staff, students and KTH's visitors, and to prevent the risk of damage and loss to KTH's property and premises through fire or water, and climate and environmental impact.

Physical security consists of a range of security measures in building technology, mechanical intrusion protection and security technology that combine to prevent, deter, impede, detect and manage adverse events related to unauthorised access and damaging effects.

  • Detection security measures
  • Restrictive protection measures
  • Managing protection measures

Physical security is designed and dimensioned based on the requirements and needs of protection, as well as on effective and strategic security solutions that work in balance with KTH's openness and accessibility.