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Safety and security training

KTH aims to work actively to ensure that employees and students have knowledge of fire in order to prevent and limit injuries, near-accidents and accidents.

The safety function at KTH is charged with the task of planning for, setting up and carrying out training and exercises regarding safety, risks and insecurity factors.
This training is intended to contribute to providing basic knowledge of how these arise, and how they can be prevented and managed.
The training should also be adapted to environments where these risks arise.

The safety function must also inform employees and students about KTH’s safety and crisis organisation, its mandate, scope and how it operates. This information shall contribute to knowledge of which support functions are available in the area of safety and to what extent.

Relevant training sessions are published on the staff pages for training under work environment and safety. Registration for these courses takes place via KTH’s staff training function.
Training and safety information can also be provided as required at each school.